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Cloud Data Processing

Cloudy Data Processing (sometimes referred to as Cloudy Data Crunching) is concerned with the Seeing (Visualising) , Collecting, Thinking about, Storing and Protecting Large Amounts of Data. To paraphrase the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner
“Data data everywhere and not a drop of information ...”
You may well ask - why have courses on data analytics, data visualisation, Big Data and NoSQL on this web site ?
The answer is very simple ...
If we think of the internet as “the cloud” and we think of “cloud computing” not only as service oriented computing , which works at a higher layer of abstraction, but also as “distributed computing” which is, essentially, what is going on at the lower layer then the probably answer should be apparent. One way to store vast amounts of data is to spread it out over many machines, and one way of speeding up the processing of large amounts of data is to do the processing in parallel on lots of processors on lots of machines. However, before scaling up and speeding up all this data processing and data storage and organisation it is essential to understand the basic operations. You cannot develop distributed and parallelised systems and applications if you do not understand how to build and use such applications on a single machine. The current and projected training courses in this part of the CloudyAppsTraining web site cover a wide range of aspects Cloudy Data Crunching.

  • The actual and planned data analysis and data visualisation courses include
    • Statistical Data Analysis Using R
    • Data visualisation at the Web Browser level using D3 JavaScript
    • Data visualisation using Processing
    • Financial data analysis and visualisation using Pandas and Scipy
    • Programming Smart Web applications in Java and Python
  • The big data and NoSQL courses include courses covering
    • HBase
    • Hadoop
    • MongoDB
    • Data warehousing using PostgreSQL
  • The planned and actual parallel programming courses include
    • Courses on CUDA and OpenCL programming
    • Courses on MapReduce programming patterns and their applications.

Because Geographic Information Systems generate vast amounts of data and are very suitable for deployment on the cloud this section also includes courses covering Python programming of ArcGis, PostGIS and the data analysis and visualisation aspects of GIS and related systems

Cloudyappstraining is an associate company of First Technology Transfer Limited (FTT).