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GIS and GIS in the Cloud Courses

Geographic Systems are very relevant to cloud computing. The vast amounts of geographic data constantly being collected not only cartographic but also collected from traffic monitoring systems, mobile application localisation data, customer demographics to name but a few need to be collected, stored and analysed. Geographic information systems typically extend object relational databases such as PostgreSQL and Oracle with specialised classes oriented towards representing and querying spatial data. The major commercial GIS is ArcGIS and the major open source GIS is PostGIS. In the main the courses in this section concentrate on PostGIS which is being more and more widely deployed because of the cost of licensing commercial software such as ArcGIS and Oracle. Most of the PostGIS courses can be tailored to ArcGIS and Oracle courses if required.

Apart from a basic courses on PostGIS, an introductory course and a python GIS application development course, which serve as a foundation for all the other PostGIS courses, the courses are oriented towards spatial data mining and deployment of PostGIS in the cloud.