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RaspberryPi 6lowPAN Networking

Duration: 5 Days

Course Background

The purpose of this course is to cover the theory and practice of 6lowPAN networking and how to implement a 6lowPAN border router using a RaspberryPi and a Microchip MRF24J40 transceiver , implement a 6lowPAN network based on this router and develop 6lowPAN based applications in C or Python. The course will also cover upper layer protocols such as CoAP the Constrained Application Protocol and EXI (Efficient XML Interchange Format)

Course Prerequisites and Target Audience

Attendees should have a working knowledge of the RaspberryPi as well as basic Bash, C and/or Python programming experience.

Course Outline

  • Overview of networking principles
  • ISO-OSI 7 layer model
  • Wireless Embedded Internet - Essential concepts
  • 6loWPAN - History and introduction
  • IPv6 - introduction and overview
  • The 802.15.4 protocol standard - an overview
  • Architecture of 6loWPAN
    • Adaptation layer
    • Link layer
    • Addressing - unicast, multicast, broadcast
    • Routing and forwarding
    • Header compression
  • Security and bootstrapping
    • Commissioning and neighbour discovery
    • Security mechanisms and protocols - an overview
    • Addressing - unicast, multicast, broadcast
  • Routing
    • Routing and mobility
    • Interconnectivity with IPv4
    • Edge routers and their integration into 6lowPAN
  • Application protocols
    • Design constraints and protocol paradigms for constrained systems
    • CoAP the Constrained Application Protocol
    • EXI (Efficient XML Interchange Format)
  • Implementations of 6loWPAN for Linux platforms
    • 802.15.4 Linux drivers
    • How 6loWPAN uses 802.15.4
    • Linux- Zigbee and WSN
    • Microchip MRF24J40MA drivers
  • Linux based 6lowPAN edge router
    • Architecture of a 6loWPAN edge router
    • Building a small RaspberryPi based 6loWPAN edge router
  • Linux based Sensor Nodes
    • Developing a 6lowPAN node using Linux
    • Building a small RaspberryPi based 6loWPAN edge router
  • Small 6loWPAN sensor nodes
    • An overview of Contiki and 6lowPAN
    • Atmel AVR based nodes
    • Microchip based nodes
    • ARM Cortex based nodes