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Cloud Data Processing Courses

Data analysis and Visualisation

Cloudy Data Crunching is concerned with the Seeing (Visualising) , Collecting, Thinking about, Storing and Protecting Large Amounts of Data

The training courses cover a wide range of aspects "Cloudy Data Crunching" ..

  • Data analysis and data visualisation courses
    • Statistical Data Analysis Using R
    • Data visualisation at the Web Browser level using D3 JavaScript
    • Data visualisation using Processing
    • Financial data analysis and visualisation using Pandas and Scipy
    • Programming Smart Web applications in Java and Python
  • Courses on big data and NoSQL
    • HBase
    • Hadoop
    • MongoDB
    • Data warehousing using PostgreSQL
  • Parallel programming courses which will include courses on CUDA and OpenCL programming, as well as courses on MapReduce programming.
  • Geographic Information Systems and the Analysis and Visualisation of Geographic Data
    • Python programming of ArcGis
    • Python programming of PostGIS
    • Data analysis and visualisation aspects of GIS and related systems