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Smart Cities - Ethics, Civil Liberties and Human Rights - a Multi-Disciplinary Workshop

Duration: 3 Days

Course Background

This workshop builds on the Introduction to Smart Cities workshop. It is planned as an open ended facilitated workshop built around short focused presentations followed by breakout group sessions and group presentations where issues can be discussed and explored. There is no fixed format or duration for this workshop the plan is for organisations and interested groups to specify the kinds of things they wish to explore. Topics that can be included in the workshop are listed below as a “starting point” course outline

Course Prerequisites and Target Audience

This course is aimed at all concerned citizens. To be a forum for exploring important issues concerned with being in control of emerging technologies as opposed to victims of passive consumers service the interests of powerful elites.

Starting Point Course Outline

  • Foundational topics
    • Exploring and sharing ideas via mind mapping and concept mapping
    • The Art and Anatomy of Judgement
    • Soft systems methodologies - An introduction
    • Complex systems and the art of the possible
    • Ethics - underlying concepts and philosophies
    • Freedoms and Responsibilities - Constitutions and Organisations
    • Human Rights - law, history and progress
      • UN Declaration of Human Rights in the 21st century
      • European Convention on Human Rights
      • International Law, Constitutional Law and Civil and Criminal Law
  • Smart Cities - Participation and Exclusion
    • Smart cities and the poor
    • Smart cities and the handicapped
  • Smart cities and surveillance
    • Data protection and data integrity
    • Government agencies - duties, responsibilities and oversight