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RaspberryPi Wireless Networking

Duration: 5 Days

Course Background

This course aims to provide a thorough introduction to a variety of wireless based networking techniques for RaspberryPi (and similar small Linux systems). The course will cover both the essential theory and standards based aspects of the various wireless protocols as well as practical programming and device driver installation. The goal is to provide sufficient background knowledge and confidence so that attendees will be able to embark on projects of their own. Course overview. This is a 5 day course that combines hands on labs with instructor based presentations. The wireless communication technologies covered will include Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, NFC , 3G and GPS. Applications and examples will be implemented in both C and Python.

Course Prerequisites and Target Audience

Pre-requisites: Attendees are assumed to be experienced programmers with a working knowledge of C, Python and Shell programming, and also familiar with setting up and configuring the RaspberryPi. A basic knowledge of computer networking and TCP/IP is also assumed.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Wireless and Wireless communications
  • Principles of Digital Wireless communications
  • Wireless network design and protocol issues
  • Principles of TCP/IP and wireless networking
  • WiFi - theory, practice and application development
  • Bluetooth - theory, practice and application development
  • Zigbee - theory, practice and application development
  • 3G and GSM - theory, practice and application development
  • Near Field Communications - theory, practice and application development